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Invizimals card game rules

Two More Eggs parodies this with "Qblepon".
In this game, Riders use special stones to form bonds with monster eggs, hatching them into stunted versions of their adult forms that they can ride into battle and teach powerful attacks.
Kiba is a very dark example of this genre, possibly a deconstruction, as many character die, go insane, or suffer horrible trauma.
Invizimals attempts to bring Mons into Real Life by way of camera.Or a mean-spirited one, it's a fine line.Brave Frontier has them in the form of summons.Trope Maker Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei back in 1987.Petscop : The game appears to have a focus on collecting strange creatures referred to as Pets.In some, the heroes draw power from a contracted ( Ryuki ) or sealed ( Blade ) Monster of the Week to use their unique traits.It's mostly for fun, offering no real rewards that affect the main game, though winning pet battles grants experience for the character.Zoids are arguably just Humongous Moncha.Digimon (Digital Monsters) is a creature, generally magically or mystically sirenis punta cana resort casino summoned, which fights on behalf of its summoner.In Fairy Tail, celestial spirit mages, such as Lucy, Yukino, and Angel, summon spirits from the Spirit World, who then fight for them.This is even lampshaded by the character of Mikogami Hayato, a bratty teenager that wants to Catch Em All and gets excited at the prospect of being able to capture one of the main characters because he's a super-rare natural element and a fire type!Final Fantasy xiii-2 makes use of a Pokemon-esque gameplay feature that involves capturing and training the random battle monsters that usually plague you out in the field and then using them as a de facto third character alongside Serah and Noel.

You need monsters as your stats reset every time you return to town.
In Magic Knight Rayearth, there's Ascot who can summon all kinds of Mons he calls his friends.
Web Original Bogleech 's Mortasheen is this, combined with copious amounts of terror.
Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings has most of your troops being summoned monsters.
The Big Eyes, Small Mouth supplement Cute and Fuzzy Cockfighting Seizure Monsters is another Tabletop Games treatment of the genre, presented (as can be inferred from the title) as something of an Affectionate Parody.Let's not forget Pokéthulhu : Mons with a Mythos spin.Live on Cardliver Kakeru is a semi-Mon series fairly similar to Yu-Gi-Oh, with cards to summon the familiars, done by TMS of Bakugan fame.The RPG Guranbo, released only in Japan in late 2001, innovates little from the theme.In Elemental Story, the characters that the players collect are called monsters and they function as such.Pocket Frogs is apparantly this with frogs.Pathfinder has a Summoner class taking the "one mon per person" route (barring a certain subclass that uses many weak versions of them to Zerg Rush the enemy).

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